Project: Individual

Personal Digital & Social Media Project (Individual)

In an effort to use the class concepts for personal gain, you will be working on your own professional digital and social media project. You will be executing a series of steps across the semester to advance your own professional goals with the assistance of digital and social media. This individual project will be focused on advancing your professional goals, although you are welcome to include personal goals in this project if you would like and, especially, if your professional and personal goals overlap. Because you all will have slightly to dramatically different goals, each of these steps should be tailored to your professional growth needs.

The deliverables of this project will be:

  • Sep 6: Digital & Social Media Audit – audit all of your professionally-related digital & social media assets
  • Sep 15: Objectives & Success Metrics – set professional objectives, digital & social media-specific objectives, & success metrics
  • Sep 29: Media & Implementation Plan – create a digital & social media plan, along with a specific implementation plan
  • Dec 4: Analysis of Results & Next Steps – after implementing the plan, analyze current results and define next steps

Digital & Social Media Audit

Similar to a brand audit, you will inventory all of your professionally-related digital & social media assets. These can include a personal website, blog that you keep, LinkedIn profile, Twitter account and anything else digital or social that you think can have an impact on your professional reputation and life in the marketplace. You should capture images of the key components and provide commentary about what you have been doing with them, the role that each plays in your overall digital/social portfolio, and how well it has served your needs thus far (including what might be helping or hindering that). In addition, you should capture key metrics, as appropriate, for each media (e.g., page views for webpages, or connections in LinkedIn, etc.). You may also consider using a scoring tool (examples will be provided on our website).


Objectives & Success Metrics
You need to set objectives for your professional development and success (e.g., a job upon graduation, a network to rely on for career growth, professional reputation in your field). You should also set specific objectives for the role that digital & social media will play relative to your professional goals. Finally, you will need to identify success metrics (key performance indicators) that will help you measure the return on your effort and help you adjust course along the way.


Media Plan & Implementation Plan

Once you understand what you want to achieve, you will identify the media channels that you will use to support your effort and describe how you plan to use them (e.g., LinkedIn as a networking tool or a blog to convey expertise/passion). For the implementation plan, you should be explicit about the exact steps you need to take to implement your plan and the timeline within which you will accomplish the tasks.

Analysis of Results & Next Steps

At the end of the semester, you will analyze the results that you achieved after implementing your plan and determine next steps to keep you moving forward in your use of digital & social media to support your professional development


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