More About the Course

Primary Course Objectives

• Understand the components & considerations involved in digital, social, & mobile user experience and marketing communications strategy decisions

• Build & analyze a framework and set of metrics for understanding the ROI of marketing decisions

• Understand the integration of digital, social, & mobile marketing strategy & tactics into the broader integrated marketing communications plan

• Understand the trends and dynamics in the digital, social, & mobile user experience and marketing communications space


Course Approach
Due to the extremely dynamic nature of this area of marketing communications, this class will be more about exploration than a traditional “lecture and discuss” style of classroom learning. After some foundational and broadly applicable concepts are discussed at the beginning of the semester, much of the material will be presented non-linearly, just as if you are jumping into a new internship or job at a company. You will have a number of articles to read throughout the semester and I will continue to provide additional material to read, as the field continues to evolve. Guest speakers will also join us throughout the semester to bring us the latest from their companies and experiences.

“Learn by doing” is probably a good motto for us in this course. Students will engage in real, hands-on projects to gain experience in this area of user experiences and marketing communications. The primary projects will be a two project “sprints” or case challenges; quick projects that will span over several weeks. Students will also engage in a semesterlong project to improve their personal presence on digital and social media (mobile, as well, if it applies) in another effort to practice with the tools and concepts, as well as to assist with achieving personal goals through the course.


Likely Class Resources

1. Course Articles & Resource Websites (available on Canvas)

2. Lecture Slides & Course Assignments (available on Canvas)

3. Class Website –

Class Participation

In the business world, you must be able to communicate your thoughts clearly and intelligently, regardless of whether you think of yourself as more introverted or extraverted.    Therefore, I am hoping that each of you will practice your communication skills and contribute to the knowledge built in this class by sharing your thoughts.  Come prepared to engage in the discussions by reading the articles and chapters and by also forming opinions and questions about the material presented.  I will call upon you from time to time, but these will not be attempts to harass or embarrass you, I promise.  I simply want to give everyone more experience in being prepared to speak on the spot about various topics. You can read details in the syllabus of how class participation will be evaluated.


To further emphasize the importance of communication as a key skill for anyone involved in any aspect of marketing, not to mention almost every other aspect of business, your assignments will be evaluated based on your ability to communicate effectively, in addition to your effort and content.  This will apply to both written and oral presentations of your work. Communicating effectively includes the ability to organize your thoughts coherently and use language accurately so that the story is told in the best way possible.


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