Stephen Walls, Ph.D.

Email: (see below for disclaimer) @stephenwalls

Mobile Phone Number: 512.422.1918  (I never check my office voice-mail)

Office; Hours: GSB 4.126K; by appointment

Teaching Assistant

Frank Zheng



Class Info: MKT 382-05615; T, Th 12:30 – 2:00; GSB 3.104


Contacting Professor Walls

There is just no substitute for attending class to get all of the information you need – I do not send most instructions via email.

Please use email VERY sparingly – just talk to me before or after class or during office hours. Do not email assignments to me unless you’ve checked with me first, as they tend to get lost in the shuffle of my inbox. Never use email to discuss grades, express concerns, launch into passionate diatribes, or anything similar. Instead, set up time with me to discuss these things in person.

Also, I am really bad about checking my office voicemail, so if you have a true emergency, it is definitely best to call or text my mobile phone (notice the word “emergency” there).


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