Welcome to Connecting with Customers in a Digital World!

This class is intended to provide you with an opportunity to directly explore the creation and analyses of digital, social, & mobile communication strategies and tactics. My intent is for this course to be valuable to students who desire to work specifically in the digital/social/mobile fields, in a broader marketing role, or pursue entrepreneurial ventures.


Leadership & This Course

You need customers! To get customers, they need to know about you – who you are, what you can do for them, and why you are better than every other substitute and competing offer in the marketplace. The objective of this course is to build an understanding of how business owners and marketing managers can construct a set of objectives and a measurement system that can yield greater insight into the ROI of communication investments and to understand how to leverage all-the-time, everywhere media sources (e.g., digital, social, and mobile) to strengthen relationships with customers at every opportunity.


In order to accomplish this goal, the course will briefly examine the basic principles underlying information processing throughout the customer journey and how marketing communication efforts can influence this process at every step so that they end up at your doorstep (or website) to purchase rather than your competitors’. The bulk of the course will focus on the various challenges that we face today in effectively reaching and persuading our customers to generate maximum return and create maximum amplification of our messages in the marketplace. For each challenge considered, we will analyze the information needed to make decisions, the tools we have at our disposal to executive effectively, and the metrics and means by which we can continually measure our effectiveness.


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